Bonagee Arcade V Cappry Crusaders 0000-00-00 00:00:00

After having no game over the past few weeks, everyone was biting at the bit to get on the field with all our players available to play.

Right from to off Bonagee came out fighting and came close in the 1st minute to get the opener, but it didn't take long until Kaymin Shortt broke through to give Bonagee the lead. Jamie Cunningham was next to step up and he got a second a few minutes later. Jay Maguire had to come off early in the 1st half after he took a bad knock to the leg but T.J Wylie step inn and put through a few fantastic passes, where Jamie managed to get his hat trick. Luke Doherty was deemed off side near the end of the half and the gaol was disallowed.

After making all our subs at half time it took a while for the second half to get flowing and again Luke Doherty had another 2 goals ruled for off side but his persistence eventually paid off. Fair play to Cappry they never stopped trying and they managed to get a goal off their own before the final whistle. Final score was 6-1 to the home team. Our man off the match has to go to Luke Doherty for his never give inn attitude. Well done to all the lads on a great game.

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